Area 51 Ultra Lounge



Price Range : Moderate ($$)

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Adress: 840 5th Ave Fl 2, San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 400-6314

Work Hours

Mon8:00 pm-4:00 am
Tue8:00 pm-4:00 am
Wed8:00 pm-5:00 am
Thu8:00 pm-5:00 am
Fri8:00 pm-5:00 am
Sat8:00 pm-5:00 am
Sun8:00 pm-4:00 am

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    Full Bar
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    Thu, Fri, Sat
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  • Kylee Lamoreux

    star star star_border star_border star_border 16 September 2021

    I dont know what it is about the bartenders in san diego, but man are they rude. Me and my husband came up waiting for the bartender to pay attention to us or let us know that he was busy doing something, I got mad and yelled at him sense he was glued to his phone, not once looking at us or acknowledging our existence, extremely unprofessional, when I've seen plenty of bartenders swarmed and they still have gotten to me in a timely manner(especially when it was like one other person and me and my husband waiting there). After that he looked up and screamed back at me, saying "HOLD ON!" And probably said more stuff under his breath but the music was so loud I couldn't hear. So still not explaining anything that he was doing, my husband had to calm me down and tell me what he was doing, which he was helping someone pay for something on his cellphone? But there was a cash register right behind him? So it all didnt make sense. After that like three security guards came up and told me to back off and I said, well "hes on his cellphone!" And the security said "so?! That shouldnt matter either way?!" Like what the hell? First he ignored us, then when I yelled to try and get his attention he yelled back even louder and security swarmed me and basically said it was my fault and I need to let the bartender do what he wants? Bartenders are about the customer ? Sense when is the bartender about the bartender? Yall can take this story how ever you want. But when you've been standing there for a good 10 15 minutes, maybe longer, already waiting for this bartender to at least acknowledge you, you become impatient when you see them on a cell phone doing nothing but staring at it like a deer in the headlights.

  • Thomas Thompson

    star star star star star_border 14 September 2021

    It was our friend's birthday (close enough) and we came here to have drinks. This definitely gave it a speakeasy-type of feel since everything was downstairs. You would miss it if you weren't paying attention since it was just one door from the street level leading to a narrow hallway which led to the stairs. The Dublin Down was strong in the whiskey department and the Long Goodbye was mixed well since I couldn't taste the alcohol. The Dublin Down was the popular drink among my friends there as far as I could remember. This place good for drinks and would recommend it if you're into the speakeasy place.

  • Bree Wilson

    star star star star_border star_border 9 September 2021

    Cool little hidden hookah lounge. You can tell it is a new place in town, the music is good, i would have been cool if there was more of a crowd to vibe off of but like I said it's kind of hidden.

  • members only lounge

    star star star star star_border 31 August 2021

    Spent a night out at Area 51 for Dre Cat and Cali The Dreamer hip hip tours last stop in San Diego. Those smiles sum up an amazing time!

  • So What

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 27 August 2021

    Skid row,terrible, IPA beer price is $100.00 Feel uncomfortable, feel dangerous.

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